On July 28, 2009, the MATTADOR Cultural Association was founded in Trieste.
The object of the Association is to institute the MATTADOR International Screenwriting Award to support young talents who choose movie screenwriting as their professional and artistic path and helping them to emerge and show their true value.
A further object is fostering and promoting cinema, music, arts, literature, and theater works with a strictly contemporary orientation, in harmony with Matteo Caenazzo’s life philosophy as a sharp observer of today’s reality, his ironic, synthetic, dry and cutting poetics expressed though a free spirit both in his way of life and his artistic trajectory.
In addition, an Advisory Committee was created that includes professionals operating in cinema, culture and journalism to cooperate with the Board of Directors in instituting, promoting and popularizing the MATTADOR International Screenwriting Award.
All the various professionals in the Committee contribute their experience and competence to the Association; each of them was also granted the status of honorary member of the Association by the Board of Directors. The same status will also be granted to all those who, through their specific professional skills and activities, will cooperate actively in achieving the goals of the Association.

Pietro Caenazzo

Art director
Laura Modolo

Panel coordination & tutoring
Andrea Magnani

Corto86 coordinator
Giulio Kirchmayr

DOLLY “Screenwriting with Pictures”
Stefano Basso – Curator
Stefano Bessoni – Curator
Daniele Auber – Tutor

Book series "Scrivere le immagini. Quaderni di sceneggiatura"
Fabrizio Borin - Director

Administration office
Paolo Modolo

Mariastella Malafronte
Pierluigi Sabatti
Pietro Valentincic

Organizing Secretary and promotion
Manuela Deugeni
Rosalba Molesi
Rosaria Caenazzo

Press office and communication
Pierluigi Sabatti, Federica Marchesich
Federica Ceraolo, Arianna Monteverdi

Giulio Kirchmayr

Giulio Kirchmayr

Production operator
Giulio Kirchmayr

Graphic design
Pietro Caenazzo

Laura Ballarin, Alice Bessarione, Elena Corrado, Francesca Cristin, Isabella Favero, Elisa Kiraz, Salvatore Lopreiato, Lorella Pellegrini, Francesco Sacchi, Laura Zarrelli.

To become a member of the MATTADOR Association, please fill in the application Scarica formato .pdf
and fax it to +39 040 2600052

MATTADOR Cultural Association / Associazione Culturale MATTADOR
Via del Vignola 4, 34141 Trieste – Italy
Tax ID IT-90124400327
tel.+393292153114 - fax +390402600052